12/28/2003 Preview some of my YEAR 2004 projects!

12/28/2003 The Emperor plays with his crucified victim in EMPEROR'S REVENGE


12/14/2003 The police agent is sexually attacked in 24 HOURS

12/14/2003 More of the worst horror in ENEMIES OF ROME

12/06/2003 Hot action starts in 24 HOURS

12/06/2003 The Emperor pays a visit to his crucified victim in EMPEROR'S REVENGE

11/29/2003 A new thrilling, all-action comic starts: 24 HOURS

11/29/2003 The two lovely sisters are forced to play between them in ENEMIES OF ROME

11/22/2003 JEANNE d'ARC. The horror now continues sat on a torture chair

11/22/2003 EMPEROR'S REVENGE.  Best 3D crucifixion images ever?

11/14/2003 JEANNE d'ARC faces her 3rd day of savage torture and devilish humiliation.

11/14/2003 The Corleonne show her place to their beautiful young cousin in FAMILY BUSINESS

11/08/2003 No pity is shown to the two lovely sisters in ENEMIES OF ROME

11/01/2003 A long, exciting, lovely new episode of  EMPEROR'S REVENGE

10/25/2003 New comic! FAMILY BUSINESS

10/25/2003 New episode of  EMPEROR'S REVENGE

10/17/2003 More on JEANNE d'ARC

10/12/2003 Savage water torture in ENEMIES OF ROME. Great upgrade.

10/07/2003 This crucifixion is going to be a classic! EMPEROR'S REVENGE

10/07/2003 The Inquisition keeps on the savage interrogation of beautiful JEANNE d'ARC.

09/27/2003 The incredible beautiful princess is crucified in EMPEROR'S REVENGE
Can a torturer be crueler to his victim?  ENEMIES OF ROME

09/21/2003 A new series starts: EMPEROR'S REVENGE

09/21/2003 The cruelest Inquisition questions beautiful JEANNE d'ARC chained on the rack

09/15/2003 The trap works and the Romans catch the Amazon that they've been stalking in ENEMIES OF ROME

09/06/2003 Sid is sexually assaulted by her drunken torturers in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
Brutal end of chapter two of

08/30/2003 The wildest scenes of abuse we've ever seen on 3D. JEANNE d'ARC

08/25/2003 Witness the sexual sacrifice of lovely BRIDE in this fascinating story

08/25/2003 Sid finally gives in in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

08/17/2003 The lovely bride is given to the Orc's evil God in THE BRIDE. Hot action!
08/17/2003 One of the best 3D whippings ever in  ENEMIES OF ROME

08/12/2003 New SERIES! THE BRIDE. The Orcs offer a young captured woman to their devilish gods
/12/2003 JEAN D'ARC gets the iron grill torture. A cruel, brutal punishment.

08/04/2003 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is back. Sid withstands a savage session of water torture.

08/04/2003 Chapter Two of ENEMIES OF ROME starts with a lovely beautiful new victim...

07/28/2003 Big update on JEAN D'ARC. Savage whipping, water torture...

07/28/2003 Promising end of Chapter One of ENEMIES OF ROME.

07/23/2003 JEAN D'ARC keeps on suffering on the rack. Great images

07/23/2003 The beautiful Princess tells where her sister is but the torture never stops in ENEMIES OF ROME.

07/12/2003 Impressive update on JEAN D'ARC. Jean meets the rack

07/12/2003 Agonizing torture in ENEMIES OF ROME.  The beautiful Princess gives up

07/07/2003 New series starts: JEAN D'ARC

07/07/2003 Witness an appallingly sadistic session in ENEMIES OF ROME

07/01/2003 'On the Rack' masterpieces at GALLERY ONE

06/23/2003 The sexual abuse doesn't stop after Korgor's rape... TOWER OF PAIN

06/23/2003 The young Priestess is put on the stocks and savagely raped in ENEMIES OF ROME

06/16/2003 DISMEMBERED a new and most cruel complete story.
New chapter of ENEMIES OF ROME. Red, hot irons on young woman's skin.

06/09/2003 Fifth chapter of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Sid's hung by the wrists and tortured and abused by her drunken guards
The naked, chained Princess is savagely raped in TOWER OF PAIN

06/03/2003 New chapter of ENEMIES OF ROME. A cruel torture for a woman, indeed.
Fourth chapter of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Sid fights back, then she's reduced at gun point...

06/03/2003 The beautiful Princess is bound to a bizarre sexual attack in TOWER OF PAIN

05/26/2003 More on ENEMIES OF ROME
The GUERRILLA GIRL breaks in at last

05/26/2003 Third chapter of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Sid can't avoid the sexual attack.

05/18/2003 The real action starts in ENEMIES OF ROME
The beautiful Princess can't stand anymore whipping in the TOWER OF PAIN

05/18/2003 Second chapter of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE with a nice title-pic 

05/18/2003 New! THE PEAR. A short story on dungeon torture 

05/11/2003 New! ENEMIES OF ROME All the cruelty and sadism of those ancient times unlashed! 

05/11/2003 New! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE A new, exciting spy story!

05/11/2003 Witness a ferocious, brutal yet exciting whipping in TOWER OF PAIN

05/05/2003 Evil Lord Korgo gets help with his cahined captive in TOWER OF PAIN

05/05/2003 There is no escape from her captors for the GUERILLA GIRL

04/29/2003 5th episode of WITCH TORTURE. The chained girl can't believe what's happening...
Evil Lord Korgo has his naked captive where he wants in TOWER OF PAIN

04/29/2003 Awful torture and sexual humiliation of the GUERILLA GIRL

04/19/2003 Lord Korgon humiliates his lovely chained captive in TOWER OF PAIN

04/19/2003 More pain and sexual humiliation for the GUERILLA GIRL

04/14/2003 The lovely princess gets slapped and punched by evil Lord Korgon in TOWER OF PAIN
04/14/2003 4th episode of WITCH TORTURE. The girl is searched with needles again.

04/14/2003 Now is time for sex torture for the GUERRILLA GIRL

04/08/2003 New! New story: The lovely princess now the prisoner of evil Lord Korgon in TOWER OF PAIN
04/08/2003 3rd episode of WITCH TORTURE. The girl is savagely whipped.

04/08/2003 More feet torture in GUERRILLA GIRL

03/31/2003 The girl is searched for a Devil's mark in WITCH TORTURE
03/31/2003 The GUERRILLA GIRL gets her lovely feet sliced and tortured

03/24/2003 The GUERRILLA GIRL fights back her rapists
03/24/2003 Down in the dark dungeon, the girl meets her jailer in WITCH TORTURE

03/15/2003 The prisoner gets thoroughly abuses in GUERRILLA GIRL

03/15/2003 An extremely beautiful girl awakens naked and chained and in a dark dungeon in WITCH TORTURE

03/09/2003 New! GUERRILLA GIRL starts. She was surrounded and caught...

03/03/2003 www.QUOOM.com opens to visitors.